Category: Influencer

NAME: Alexandre Capilé

TITLE:  Musician/Music Producer/Recording Studio Owner

CITY: SÃo Paolo

Right now in São Paulo there’s lots going on. We are living the revival of long-hair bands doing some rock/garage revival. Parties in “not regular” places like empty buildings in the downtown district, studios, rooftops… There’s not a main style in art, the mixing is the real vibe in general. Restaurants and bars with personality and concept are on top. What you do really defines who you are.

NAME: Tamara Salazar

TITLE: Entrepreneur

CITY: SÃo Paolo

I could talk about the many possibilities of hair colours (I, myself, follow this trend), about being a complete character that came directly from the 90’s, or about glasses being more than ever in the position of a Fashion accessory with all colours and shapes (without necessarily having to be functional).

But, for me, what is always hot and indispensable in fashion and in life is authenticity.

I believe this characteristic has never been so trendy! Have you noticed how an authentic person is completely timeless and fits well in any fashion season?

NAME: Daniel Margulies


CITY: Brooklyn, NY

What’s hot right now?

What’s hot right now in New York City is an introspective arts movement. Everyone in their mid to late 20’s is discovering themselves in the different mediums of art/music. Regarding fashion, extreme branding and over the top colors and patterns are a huge hit right now! That said, I still prefer all black.


Name: Larissa Drekonja

Title: FOUNDER | Neon Coat

City: New York

What’s hot right now?

It’s hot now to be mindful, to express virtue, and to do good – basically the opposite of what is going on in the politics and entertainment right now. It’s hot to stand up for yourself and for the rest of us and speak up. (It’s not gonna get built by itself is it?)

Name: Adaline Bara

Title: Fashion Designer

City: Hanoi

What’s hot right now?

Hm OK! I would say that women’s rights is hot,  especially with the marches happening around the world right now – more voices being heard and women coming together


Name: Enrique González Rangel

Title: Fashion designer @ EGR

City: Mexico City

What’s hot right now?

Remembering where you come from. Embracing your cultural roots and mixing it all into your work. For us creatives, bringing beauty to the world, being culturally aware and promoting a healthy environment are also our responsibilities.  What’s really hot right now is to make less but more original proposals. It’s this originality that will make something unforgettable. 


Name: Stefan Hottinger-Behmer

Title: Strategist & Writer

City: Dubai

What’s hot right now?

Entertaining the idea of a total reset, a back-to-basics movement of sorts, an indubitable return to looking at people during a conversation as opposed to a smartphone screen and remembering to say thank you and please. A congruent and fully conscientious decision-making process in retail purchases, use of technology, mode of travel, choice of employment, food consumption and everything in between. Individual activism for the collective good, a nuanced rendering of the meaning of connectivity.


Name: Jordan Watson

Title: Digital hustler

City: Los Angeles

What’s hot right now?
Blockchain technology and crypto currency are what’s hot right now! everything from the development of smart contracts to revolutionizing the ticketing industry.



Name : Bia Vianna

Title : FAshion Marketer

City : São Paolo

What’s hot right now?
Self-knowledge. The more we know ourselves, the better we are for ourselves and those around us. Empathy for others comeS naturally when we first practice it with ourselves. Self-knowledge allied to empathy makes us more interesting people with content. And then, in the era of sharing everything, we only share if we have more to talk about.

image1Name : Ingrid LC Nilsen

Title : Publicist

City : New York

What’s hot right now?

Self knowledge and awareness. It’s the root of everything – from style to empathy to being a good friend and being good to yourself.  Without it you’re also a shitty conversationalist and that’s the worst.