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What are the most significant shifts you currently identify in fashion culture?

Kindness. I think we’re getting over the ‘Devil Wears Prada’ idea of fashion, where the people at the top are mean, un-nurturing and inaccessible, with these attributes trickling down. We see the tides turning from an old guard to a new guard, with examples like; the appointment of Edward Enninful at British Vogue to platforms like Gurls Talk thriving, the turn around of Teen Vogue and the launch of Them, through to campaigns such as the Everlane’s 100% Human and other advocacy and personalities using their influence for good.
This is viewed by some to be like most things in fashion; a trend, but I’m optimistic that there is a permanent shift at play.

What region(s) are peaking your interest and why?

Middle America – politically, socially and in terms of the US fashion landscape, they yield much power and as a US resident I’ve been so fascinated to understand the scale and nuance involved.

What does Colette’s closure mean in the fashion industry?

I think it’s a really sad moment. Colette to me and for so many others inside the industry and beyond saw it as an emporium of treasures, a place of discovery a real cultural hub. Colette and Sarah’s eye for curation, collaboration and building community is impeccable. I think it’s a big loss to fashion, you couldn’t visit Paris without a pit stop, it was one of the few European institutions, along with places like Dover Street Market and 10 Corso Como, so it’s leaving a Colette shaped hole.
That being said, I think Colette has really paved the way for other retailers to step up and new ones to manifest, this could be an exciting proposition, to see what happens. No one can replace Colette, but some may try to fill that void in their own way. Ultimately, I’m sure that this is not the end for the Colette team, I’m excited to see what’s next.

Does everyone have to stand for something in this age of personal branding?

YES, YES, YES! Otherwise what’s the point?

Does true brand loyalty still exist?

Yes – every brand wants to be the new Supreme or Nike. Can you create that in today’s saturated landscape, that’s a completely different question and one that’s being played out now, so we’ll see.

Have you co-signed to the crypto currency revolution?

I think so – it seems to be an exciting frontier.

What’s currently exciting you in fashion?

Helmut Lang Seen by Shayne Oliver – I love everything about it and the brand at large right now. I think Isabella Burley is doing a stellar job as editor in residence, I love the whole concept and all the creative output.
I’m also excited by Off-White, still, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg for Virgil.
Ib Kamara Styling

I’m also super excited by all the young creatives who are coming up and contributing fresh and inspiring perspectives and filtering that through to brands. I’m so inspired by the work of Ronan Mckenzie, she’s a favorite of mine. I also love Tyler Mitchell, Fabien Montique, Lusha Alic and Ib Kamara. Theres so much imagination with heart shining though.

Tyler Mitchell


Fabien Montique