The Conversations| Is fashion the catalyst for a loss of meaning?

This sounds like an incredibly lofty question, but in a recently flooded landscape of big rhetoric around big cultural themes such as inclusivity, diversity, representation, equality, et al. mapped against (very) slow changing social, business and cultural norms (within fashion), it begs the question of what these words really mean in fashion.

In this episode we discuss just that and while there are two sides or more to all conversations, when looking at it through a marketing, brand / organization / company best practices and other similar lens, are we just saying words and if not, what do we mean when we say them or how do we back them up? Moreover, is there truth in that when these terms enter the fashion area, they become so overused and commoditized that they loose all meaning?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, it’s definitely an open ended question that’s due to evolve and pivot in an age of such flux. Please reach out to us via Instagram – @jasoncampbellstudio and @henriettagallina to let us know what you think.