The Beauty of Candles

Candles – the quintessential holiday gift, have become an essential element of interior décor. Combining the visual details of a room with the perfect scent for a special or romantic occasion extends far beyond a traditional candlelit table. Visually, candlelight provides soothing warmth, while the right scent adds to a curated, sensory experience.

This week we share a shortlist of the most delightful candles; exquisite scents and distinct design features by way of chic, decorative vessels.

Glassybaby –

Glassybaby’s selection of collectible, hand-blown glass votive candleholders and drinking glasses are simple, chic and timeless, and suit a variety of tastes. As well, the selection of shades is rather impressive. With 10% of each sale being donated to their White Light Fund, Glassybaby is an ideal gift for the holiday season.

L. Frank –

Located in Santa Monica California, jewelry and most recently, lingerie, designer L. Frank is an experience of romance and fine details. This amazing ambience is due in part to the aroma of the beautiful candles that are also available. Made from 100% beeswax, the scents are truly heavenly. Available in a selection of three different trios – we love the Lime, Thyme, and Bergamot, but each trio is sublime!

Le Labo –

Pioneers of experiential retail – Le Labo offers a selection of candles in their signature scents allowing your personal scent experience to continue at home. Conceptually, Le Labo has created an esthetic of modern, slightly rustic simplicity that translates to an approachable and desirable range of fragrances. And like all of their products, each of their candles is hand crafted with the finest intention. Santal 26 is amongst our favorites.

Maison Bereto Italy –

Italian fragrance house Maison Bereto, have created a line of Design Candles for the well designed home. From sculpted or faceted ebony resin, to jewelry-inspired chains, these are design statements, and each can be filled with any of the brand’s signature scents.

Odin New York –

Based on scents of their signature Black Line, Odin New York offers a selection of eight candles in their candle collection. Odin’s Black Line is about an exotic fragrance journey and these candles translate this to ensure an optimal, olfactory experience at home. Mysterious, and very sexy – these candles are sure to enhance a romantic evening.

Sparitual –

Sparitual have incorporated the ritual of positive intention into each of their unique products. And like all products from Sparitual the Instinctual® Soy Candle is made from organic ingredients, hand-poured in a recycled glass container and the ideal scent for a soothing and relaxing spa-like experience at home. This is the ideal candle for meditation time or when soaking in a hot bath.

Voyage et Cie.

Olfactory experience providers Voyage et Cie. offer a curated range of hand-poured candles made with the finest organic essential oils.  Available in chic black tins – ideal for travel, clear glasses, and beautiful colored and hand-blown, reusable biot glasses, there’s a vibrant range of scents that are each truly captivating.

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