The Conversations | Will #MeToo Be the Catalyst To Uncover The Larger Abuse of Power Within Fashion/ Part 1 A Conversation From The Archive


In this episode, we dug out a (pre-launch) conversation we had in the beginning stages of the #MeToo movement [October 26th, 2017], when fashion was focused on one man – Terry Richardson. We voiced our opinions – frustrations, hopes and optimism towards the industry’s (then) reactions.

We thought this episode was an interesting capsule – to see how far we’ve come in some ways and not in others, but also to see how our view points have shifted and evolved over the last 5 months. Between then and now, we’ve seen models and advocates including Cameron Russell, Eddie Campbell and James Scully speak out and take a stand and more recently in 2018, photographers Bruce Webber, Mario Testino and stylist Karl Templer outed, Sara Ziff’s Model Allience finally get the attention it deserves and Kering, LVMH and Condé Nast all announce model protection policies. But about the wider industry?

This episode also sets us up for part 2 of this conversation, were we have a present day conversation with a special guest to discuss this movement further.