Ib Kamara | Stylist With Momentum

Photo by Ib Kamara for Kenzo Folio

In a world where the term stylist is used loosely and many of fashion’s best have moved on to become designers, publishers, and other types of multi-hyphenates, a world where bloggers and the Influencers of Instagram have become arbiters of taste, dictating what’s hot and not to the masses — it’s a real palette cleanser when true styling talent saunters onto the scene. In Ib Kamara – born Ibrahim Kamara in Sierra Leone, his childhood spent in Gambia with a move at age 16 to London  – we see such talent and for those of us old enough to remember, it is reminiscent of the way Nicola Formichetti brought art direction to styling in the late 90s and early 00s.

One can reference the stylists of the mid 90s in ID, The Face and Dazed&Confused when speaking of Ib Kamara, but while there is a visual connection, his work feels visceral and unreferenced. The raw creativity brings beauty out of unexpected settings and pairings, and you are left with a feeling of sheer delight that someone thought up these scenarios and brought them to life.

Recently he was called in to collaborate on the Burberry campaign, remixing the iconic plaid to great effect on a fresh new casting – photographed by longtime partner in crime, South African born Kristen-Lee Moolman. Edun has also sought out his talent, which was a great move as he brought some desperately needed edge to the brand’s waning image.

His editorial work in C⭐️NDY magazine –  the self described Vogue of transversal style – takes his vision all the way, leaving us with images that will surely stand the test of time.

With all traditional rules of dressing thrown out, and a life spent experiencing both African and European culture, Ib Kamara is very much writing his own stylistic story – his is an Instagram account you absolutely want to follow.

INSTAGRAM : @ibkamara
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