Bath Time

Few of life’s humblest pleasures provide as many overall health benefits as the simple act of taking a bath. Bathing is the ultimate beauty and wellness ritual and nothing enhances the overall experience of a bath like the perfect blend of aromatherapy, botanical bath salts and oils.
What’s best for soothing sore muscles, or detoxifying the body? Which is the ideal restorative formulation to help you unwind after a stressful day? See our selection below.

Borghese –

Borghese has successfully translated the experience of Italian Spa culture into a lifestyle brand that is recognized as a pillar of luxury and indulgence. Amongst their most iconic products – the Fango Active Mud Mask – for the face and body, is formulated with volcanic mud from Tuscany. Ideal to use on the body before a good soak (the mud ideally should be rinsed off prior to bathing), the detoxifying properties unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, allowing your skin to absorb valuable hydration more effectively. In the bath water, perhaps add a few drops of Borghese’s Bagno Di Vita Gentle Foaming Shower Gel, with comfrey and chamomile – for a soothing, bubbly soak.

Dr. Teal’s –

At the mass-retail level – Dr. Teal’s is unbeatable. The brand’s selection of pure Epsom salt remedies and essential oil based bath products are all incredibly effective as well as affordable. We love the Restore and Replenish Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak and Foaming Bath. Check out the website for the selection of formulas. Also included on the website are valuable facts about the variety of healing benefits of pure Epsom salts, which extend far beyond soaking in the tub.

Kneipp –

Founded in 1890 and recognized globally as pioneers of aromatherapy, Kneipp produces some of the most effective, and aromatic herbal and plant infused bath oils, bath salts, and bubble baths at an extremely affordable price. There’s really no excuse not to have a selection on-hand at all times and there is a formula to address a variety of uses including some of our favorites; the Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath Oil, Dream Away Valerian & Hops Bath Oil, as well as the Calendula & Orange Mineral Foot Bath Salt. 

Mauli –

The importance of rituals is the key factor at Mauli Rituals. The brand begins their experience by attaching a hand-made wish bracelet and written intention to each product. Continuing the experience, each of Mauli Rituals products is formulated with a curated selection of aromatherapy essential oils that evoke calmness and tranquility. This energy can be optimally experienced with their Himalayan Healing Salts. The blend of Himalayan Salts and intoxicating essential oils is simply unique and so beautiful and packaged in a minimalist, reusable tin.

Osmia Organics –

The Osmia Organics Bath Line – available in three formulas answers every possible bathing need. The Organic Tea Bath – which is very cleverly packaged in tea bags thus avoiding any mess to clean up, is formulated with botanicals and oats and ideal for dry skin, children, and expectant mothers. The Organic Milk Bath – formulated with organic milk, oats and infused with Bulgarian lavender and rose geranium from South Africa is truly the most luxurious bathing experience. Lastly, the Recovery Bath Salts are formulated with hand-harvested French grey salt and Epsom salts that have been coated with the brand’s own farmed and harvested organic lavender oil. With the addition of thyme, this beautiful aromatherapy blend relaxes the senses while relieving sore muscles. This is an indispensible trio as well as an ideal gift!

Pursoma –

Recognizing the importance of the bathing ritual, Pursoma has created a rather extensive range of bath salts that address every possible need and concern that can be enhanced with a nice soak. And each handcrafted formula is made with ingredients sourced and harvested 100% natural ingredients, including sea kelp and Organic Chlorella Green Algae. From post workout, to the perfect remedy for the cold and flu season and so much more – Pursoma is the perfect solution for all bathing needs. We love the clever and convenient zip-lock pouches, which are ideal for travel!

Voyage et Cie –

One of our favorite experience destinations (in the Los Angeles area) is Voyage et Cie. Offering some of the most enticing and delightful organic essential oil based fragrances, the brands Bain Moussant (available in ten scents), is the ultimate in sensory bathing experience. We love the invigorating Eucalyptus Mint as well as the sexy Figuer! Following the bath, try one of Voyage’s coordinating Spa Bath & Body Oils to complete this sumptuous experience. 
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