The Diversity of Essential Oils

Essential oils are no longer consecrated to the realm of spas and mood enhancers. They are gaining recognition as a key part of an effective daily skincare regimen and have officially taken their place in the arena of mainstream beauty. On a holistic level – essential oils address a wide range of concerns including sun-damage, rosacea, stress, wrinkles, and fatigue, thus making them indispensable for the most effective personal-care product formulations.

Here, we shortlist a few brands and the the essential oil based products they’re passionate producing.


Auracacia should be duly recognized for creating an overall awareness about the numerous health benefits of essential oils while simultaneously making them conveniently accessible in the retail arena. Online, Auracacia provides the most valuable, tips, recipes, and information about essential oils. As well, the brand offers is wide range of pure essential oils for a multitude of uses, even some that may surprise you such as the Organic Sensual Sacral Chakra Balancing Oil that stimulates a healthy, sensual desire.


Utilizing the purest organic and natural-derived plant-based ingredients, Eminence Organics overall, is deeply rooted on a holistic spa-treatment-based philosophy. The brand offers a wide range of face oils includingthe incredible Facial Recovery Oil – a toning and hydrating face oil that is formulated with Biodynamic ingredients and essential oils including Clary Sage, and delivers the most visibly pleasing results. Truly impressive – this is a must-have formula!


The Brooklyn-based Forager Botanicals takes a refreshing and very simple approach to their traditionally inspired botanical formulas. This is a brand that visually creates a captivating experience with subtle graphics and labels labels that truly draw you in, while conveying an essence of nature and purity. Regardless, each product is formulated with natural and organic ingredients and each formula is also vegan. We recommend the body oils and vibrant perfumes including the Woodland Natural Organic Perfume – a delightful woody fragrance with notes of green leaves and lavender.

The Jojoba

Based in Australia, the Jojoba Company offers an extensive range of treatment-based essential oils. Jojoba is one of the most absorbent oils and therefore highly effective at delivering the benefits of other 6002270u-jojoba-rosehip_600xactive ingredients when combined. The Jojoba Company infuses the powerful antioxidant jojoba harvested from their own farm with sustainable ingredients sourced from around the world to create a diverse selection of formulas including blemishes and wrinkles. The Jojoba + Rosehip Oil – ideal for scars and stretch marks, receives our highest ratings.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Offering a wide selection of flower and herb based skincare Laurel Whole Plant Organics should be recognized for their pioneering methods of Slow Beauty. Deriving the purest essential oils from organic and farm-Laurel_Oil_Cleanserraised plants and flowers that are harvested seasonally, Laurel’s formulations have exceeded all of our rigorous testing, providing the most impressive results. Our top selections include the Facial Oil Cleanser Clarity, Facial Balms, and Sun Damage Repair Facial Serum, and Antioxidant Facial Serum, each rich in essential oils and plant extracts.


One of our most recent discoveries, Vered Botanicals is a curated selection of essential skincare, face and body oils, and perfume. While concise in the overall selection, Vered brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to this streamlined, yet highly effective approach to beauty. Each product is formulated with handcrafted essential oils and botanical plant ingredients. Amongst the brand’s standout products are the Anti-aging Face Treatment Oil, Herbal Balancing Cleansing Oil and the Muscle Soothing Massage Oil, which is ideal for a massage or as a soothing body oil after a bath.