While in an Uber in Paris earlier this month with @aureta, @sitabellan and a few other digital influencers, on our way to a Pigalle soirée the car literally broke out in a “Kira Kira” chant timed to the house beat pumping on Radio Nova. Stunned and uninformed, the crew had to fill me on exactly what the chorus was all about. It turns out KiraKira+ is the app that adds extra sparkle to photos and videos and is all the rage on Instagram. . .  and this posse decided to sing about it.
It may not be a new product (the App has existed since 2015), but it has gone viral. I noticed the feature on Instagram not too long ago. I believe that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was the first to cover her image in the glamorous filter. Then, as the fashion month got under way, influencers @evachen (likely most responsible for the virality as Instagram’s head of fashion partnerships) @songofstyle @tinaleung @bryanboy all posted images or videos using the seven-filter application. It was best put to use when it animated the already sparkly looks sent down the runway.