The Hirsute Man

Well-groomed beards, moustaches, and sideburns have essentially crossed-over into every male demographic. From blue-collar workers and business hipsters to the gender-bending sub-cultures, and literally every male-oriented group in between, few if any men’s grooming trends have been as enduring as the return to stylized facial hair.

With such staying power, comes a greater demand for more effective care as well as a lasting positive experience. From beard grooming to shaving and a little more, we share the very best in men’s beard and facial hair care products.

Beardbrand –

Beardbrand has successfully combined a traditional sensibility with a refreshing, modern spin. The brand addresses every grooming need for the contemporary hirsute male in a collection of clever yet essential products. Most impressively, the natural, chemical-free formulas are offered in groupings that indicate the notes or scent, as well as the types of essential oils used in each formula, which is cleverly reflected in the range of pricing. This creates an awareness of the brand’s ingredients and overall philosophy, but ultimately offers the consumer numerous options while creating an engaging and informative online experience. Standouts would include the Moustache Wax, Utility Balm – a balm for styling facial and body hair, as well as the beautifully presented beard-grooming kits.

Beard King Beard Bib –

Necessity really is the mother of invention! The Beard King Beard Bib is truly the most functional and practical way to address the unpleasant, messy results from at-home beard and facial hair trimming. The adjustable cape attaches to a wall or mirror with suction cups, preventing any hair from falling on to the sink or floor, thus minimizing post-trim cleanup. And the Beard King is also washable and folds up neatly into an easy to store drawstring sack. As well, Beardking offers a great selection of essential beard and facial hair products.

Jack Black –

Jack Black is one of the first men’s personal-care brands to successfully impact the beauty industry with their contemporary, masculine esthetic. After over seventeen years, the family owned business continues to thrive and has evolved into a full-spectrum men’s personal-care line with refreshing, chemical and cruelty-free formulas that address every possible men’s grooming need from head to toe. The Beard Oil happens to be one of the brand’s highest rated products, but overall – Jack Black receives our top ratings.

Philips Norelco Laser Beard Trimmer 9100 – (

Maintaining a clean, symmetrical beard or facial hair can be a bit of a challenge when left to one’s own devices – one slip of the hand can end in disastrous results! The Philips Norelco Laser Beard Trimmer 9100 takes technology and at-home beard trimming to a new level of perfection. This ultra-precise, fully adjustable beard trimmer allows for the most accurate shave via a sharp laser line that highlights the perfect lines and angles. As well, there is a memory locking mechanism, which allows for trimming at a consistent length for the most precise beard trim.

Proraso –

Anyone who has experienced a beard trim or shave in a traditional barbershop may already be familiar with the iconic products from the Italian shave-care line – Proraso. Established in 1908, with their roots grounded deeply in the masculine art of shaving and men’s grooming – Proraso is quite cleverly embracing the age of social-media by partnering with contemporary shaving professionals across the globe. This speaks highly of how a brand steeped in tradition can sustain a presence in the current marketplace. Regardless, all of the brand’s masculine and invigorating products are ideal for the well-groomed, clean-shaven or hirsute gentleman and evoke a sense of traditional masculinity.

Tom Ford –

Fashion designer Tom Ford has introduced a full range of men’s grooming products to his signature beauty line. The grouping includes an array of products ideal for the more dapper gentleman, including an under-eye concealer and eyebrow grooming gel. Ford has also cleverly infused some of the beautiful scents from his extremely successful fragrance collection into the brand’s grooming products, including the Beard Oils. Other standouts are the Shave Oil and we also love the chic and functional Beard Comb!

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