Technology in Beauty


In the 21st century the rapid advances in technology improve our day to day living at a dizzying rate. The role of technology in beauty however is slightly more complex. It must provide a rewarding experience that ultimately becomes a ritual, which over time will continue to produce visibly satisfying results. As well, one has to be inspired to use at-home technology products, therefore aesthetically – overall design and functionality play enormous roles.

Simplifying the often expensive treatments and experiences that were once reserved for luxurious day and med-spas, innovations in beauty technology have evolved from sensationalized infomercial gadgetry, to convenient and extremely effective devices.

From anti-aging to aromatherapy, we take an in-depth look at the very best of recent developments in beauty technology.

Rapidly becoming a social media favorite, Dermaflash is gaining a lot of well-deserved attention. Once the best-kept beauty secret of iconic screen legends including Marilyn Monroe, dermaplaning was and is still largely performed in med-spas. Dermaflash is a small, hand-held device that, like dermaplaning, removes the layers of dull, dry skin and vellus facial hair, or ‘peach-fuzz’ while stimulating circulation, resulting in a complexion that is smooth and absolutely radiant. The results are truly incredible and the entire process is easily completed in just minutes!

DRx Spectralite Eye Care

Therapeutic Light Therapy, which addresses visibly aging skin issues such as fine-lines and wrinkles, is yet another sought after and costly day-spa experience. Dr. Dennis Gross’ DRx Spectralite Eye Care Pro specifically addresses the delicate eye area. Through his patented technology, LED lights penetrate deep into the dermis stimulating the production of collagen, therefore improving skin density. This at-home device is easy to wear and hands-free. Looking younger has never been more convenient! Check out the website for more information.

Drops of Joy Automobile

The soothing benefits of aromatherapy are no longer reserved for the spa and portable aromatherapy devices have become increasingly popular. That said we found most to be clumsy, require cords, needing water refills, and quite honestly aesthetically un-appealing! Online jewelers, Drops of Joy have answered the call for one of life’s most stressful situations – driving in traffic! Crafted from stainless-steel, their discrete, elegant and convenient to use clip-on automobile aromatherapy pendants require no water or cords and are sure to make even the worst traffic more tolerable!


GLO Science – GLO Brilliant

Highly sought-after, both at-home and professionally, teeth whitening is often associated with sensitivity and uncomfortable, bulky mouth implements. Through advanced Guided Light Optic technology, GLO Science delivers effective results that are achieved much faster – 8 minutes to be exact, therefore minimizing the potential to create any sensitivity in the form of easy to wear, flexible mouthpiece. We also applaud GLO’s efforts in providing oral health care and education in under-privileged areas through their GLO Foundation.


Electronic, or micro-current facials are in high demand in the spa industry, however, they are costly and optimal results are really only achieved by repeating the process on a regular basis. Truly one of the innovators in the arena of at-home, anti-aging beauty devices, NuFACE delivers instantly visible results that improve with regular use. The design is modern, simple, tactile, and very easy to perform. The overall experience however provides results that are sure to make NuFACE become an important beauty ritual. Recognized as the 5-minute face-lift, the NuFACE Trinity has become the brand’s most recognized tool, however we suggest logging on to the website for more choices as well as informative instructional videos.