The Eyebrow Revolution 

As social media currently draws a vast and attentive audience to beauty and fashion trends, there appears to be a major emphasis on strong or very accentuated eyebrows

Historically, eyebrows have taken on a variety of shapes that reflect the mood and fashion of the age. Presently, eyebrow products and services are in large demand in the beauty industry, and quite relevantly include all demographics and genders. 

Perhaps with so much chaos occurring throughout the globethis could be translated as a universal desire to visually demonstrate strength and power in one’s expression.

Beyond waxing, tweezers, and eyebrow pencils there is a world of treatments and products that aid in achieving eyebrow perfection. Here are our selections for the most pertinent in the category of eyebrows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills –

Once exclusively Los Angeles’ eyebrow destination favored by Hollywood’s elite – Anastasia Beverly Hills is now recognized globally. Offering a full range of high-performance color cosmetics, with the namesake eyebrow products and tools as the brand’s cornerstone, Anastasia is truly the pioneer of eyebrow specialists and also one of the most tagged brands in social media. We love the shade selection and natural finish of the iconic Brow Wiz and the great selection of brow kits


Benefit –

Known for their quirky-named, high-performance 

cosmetics, Benefit has evolved as one of beauty’s largest experience providers. The brand has explored the experiential genre by offering a variety of signature services including; eyebrow styling, waxing, and mapping (3-step technique for optimal individual shaping), as well 

as a number of other personal grooming services for men and women. Check out the website for information and locations.

Ecobrow –

Celebrities and beauty-insiders alike, flock to eyebrow-threading specialist Marco Ochoa’s Ecobrow studio in Beverly Hills. Ochoa’s warmth and charm combined with his signature clean, individual shaping make Ecobrow one of our top recommendations for brow shaping as well as the incredible Ecobrow gel. This light, blendable, and moisture-resistant wax adheres to existing hairs for definition, while soft pigments fill in to create depth and shape. The line includes a great selection of natural looking shades as well as the perfect application brush.

Eyebrow Transplanting 

In our research we also discovered that eyebrow transplanting is on the rise and looks like a very good solution to restore or enhance thin, or over-plucked eyebrows. Eyebrow Transplanting is a procedure that takes healthy hair follicles from other parts of the body and implants them into the eyebrow area.While we have not been able to interview anyone who has had this procedure, we felt that in light of this feature that it should be mentioned. This is clearly a process that is performed by a plastic surgeon and should be thoroughly researched.


Microblading has become extremely popular as a more permanent solution for fine or very thin eyebrows. Microblading employs a fine blade that is immersed in a hair color-matched pigment solution that is deposited into the skin in fine hair like strokes that mimic one’s natural brow hair pattern, thus creating more natural looking eyebrows. Results and prices do vary however, and we strongly suggest thoroughly researching a few different stylists’ work before 

committing. While everyone we have asked is very pleased with their results – most say that while the process isn’t painful, you can actually hear the blade going into the skin. As well, for a few days post procedure the pigments often look much darker. For a demonstration on microblading, check out the video.

Wunderbrow –

Online cosmetic brands are rapidly gaining momentum and appear to be highly focused on specific conceptsBacked by technology, Wunderbrow offers an array of traditional high-performance cosmetics but the eyebrow gel takes center stagepromising to stay smudge-proof and waterproof for up to three days! We like the instructional videos and that Wunderbrow is cruelty-free!

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