Royals And Tattoos At Four Seasons Oahu

One year-old Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko’ Olina is the first on the island and the latest to join the Hawaiian Islands Four Seasons collection – and it doesn’t disappoint with an off-the-beaten-path location and exclusive arrival options including helicopter transfers from the airport and a 47-foot luxury yacht available for those interested in the more scenic route.

Ko’ Olina which translates to “A place of Joy,” is a sentiment immediately experienced upon arrival with freshly picked flower lei’s, the scents of Aloha perfumed for your greeting. This is by far the most luxurious hotel to open on Oahu and with its provenance as holiday spot for King Ka’mehameha, the last king on the island, its an address with sacred meaning for Hawaiians.

Interior designer Mary Philpotts seamlessly blends traditional Hawaiian arts –resplendent in rich wood accents and batik like covered furniture – with a contemporary twist (iPads in every room) to make the cosmopolitan traveler feel right at home in their chic beach-house suites. The Oceanfront Suites are ideal for those looking for extra space and a front row view on the Sunset Coast.

Our preferred activity at this totem of relaxation is the adult infinity pool with an uninterrupted view of the ocean, attentive service and energy of disconnection and rejuvenation. And the air is not too stuffy as to impede a casual chit-chat with other travellers.

Influencer couple Chiara Ferragni and Fedez recently chose this resort for their post-engagement celebration in Hawaii. Fedez’s head to toe tattooed frame hardly looked out of place amongst the lush tropical gardens, beach lagoons and the overstuffed lounges rendered in indigenous woods and banana leaf headboards.

With five amazing restaurants to choose from, one doesn’t have to travel far to experience the freshest caught seafood on Oahu. Go for the casual Fish Haus over the more traditional fine dining for the best views and most relaxed experience; the island inspired cuisine is mouth watering.

For those looking to get off the rock, book your charter-style day or sunset cruise with Oahu’s most luxurious yacht, Mana Cruises. Located at the Ko’Olina Marina steps from the resort, Mana Cruises will fully customize your luxury yacht experience and set you sailing for a memorable time on the turquoise waters that surround the Wai’anae Mountains and arguably the hottest and most luxurious hotel on Oahu, The Four Seasons Resort at Ko’Olina.