Squalane, the potent and more sustainable derivative of squalene, has become one of the most in-demand anti-aging skincare ingredients. Utilized for a variety of benefits including preventing and diminishing UV damage and age spots, as well as for promoting cell growth and cell regeneration. Sadly, while many brands still use squalene that has been harvested from shark liver – a practice that has driven certain species into extinction, it is now more commonly derived from sustainable plant-based resources including sugarcane and olive oil. These plant-derived resources are in fact highly effective and well worth looking into for their overall long-term benefits.

We have selected the following products for their outstanding use of squalane. Please note that each of the brands mentioned are exclusively using plant-based squalane.

Annmarie Gianni 

Annmarie | Anti-Aging Eye Cream

We are quite impressed with Annmarie Gianni’s integrity, use of the highest-quality ingredients, and overall desire to create the most effective handcrafted products. Several of the brand’s 100% natural formulations include squalane as a key ingredient including the Anti-aging Eye Cream.



Another highly ethical brand discovery is Biossance. As a major contributor to some very worthy causes, this ethical philosophy should also be noted in the important facts provided on their website about the questionable ingredients used in traditional cosmetics. More impressive however is the fact that Biossance has developed their own proprietary methods of extracting squalane, derived from sugarcane as the key ingredient for each of their formulations.



TATCHA-SqualaneSay goodnight with this uber-rich night cream. Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Night Concentrate is exactly what it says! Addressing fine lines and dehydration, Tatcha combines squalane with other beneficial ingredients including green tea and ginseng to deliver a luxurious experience.



Indie Lee | Squalane facial Oil

Cancer survivor and passionate eco-lifestyle guru Indie Lee uses 100 % olive oil derived squalane in her Squalane Facial Oil. Simple, pure, and extremely effective, this is a cult-beauty beauty favorite!

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